Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another quiet, cold, rainy day. The second in a row, and the second since we’ve been here.

Obedience finally followed conviction. That's a step, I suppose.

Papa came home from work excited. For the first time in his life he is working somewhere that he is free, encouraged and even paid to honor God and encourage others to do so as well. Jeff pointed him to a young man who had just trusted the Lord a couple of days ago, and was being put off by his church for baptism. Through discussion they worked it out for Jeff to go ahead and baptize him and his wife tonight. Praise God for their obedience.

We all gathered around to watch the first DVD in the Way of the Master series on evangelism. Papa’s in charge of much of the dental clinic’s free day, and is trying to organize gospel sharers and hoped this would be some good “training” for them. It’s so exciting to see the gospel presented through the law, and to see mouths stopped and hearts opened. I’m so intermittent about sharing the Lord’s good news and I know it’s a huge weakness of mine. I should be sharing daily—weekly, fervently, honestly and in love—scattering the seed on soil that the Lord has prepared.

I’ve been voraciously reading John and Jeremiah and Mark and Psalms and just about anything God wrote. I’ve spent hours the last two mornings poring over it, studying it, making comments and asking questions. And I’m loving it, but I’m not sure I see a difference in myself. I have a huge hunger and thirst for God’s word now, but I still don’t like many of my attitudes, actions, words and thoughts. Why am I doomed to be trapped in the same old bad habits of selfishness, unkindness and unholiness?

Praise God, I know I am not doomed, because Jesus has freed me from the power and presence of sin! I can claim the victory through Him! I just have to recognize the battles…before they begin. Before I grumble. Before I poke fun. Before I am ungrateful. I’ve got to plan to be cheerful, thankful and kind. And I’ve got to seek the Lord’s help in prayer.

Lord, to Thee I must surrender

Let Thy will flow now unhindered

Through my thoughts and words and actions

That Thou be the main attraction.

Teach me how to make the choice

Silencing my fleshly voice

Letting Thine speak through Thy spirit,

To Thy world, that all may hear it.

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