Saturday, November 24, 2007

I heard a gunshot this morning, while fixing breakfast, but Zach returned empty handed.

Another cold, cloudy day. The big project today was draining, cleaning and refilling the hot tub. Frankly, it doesn’t really tempt me. After scrubbing off a brown people ring, the idea of sitting in reheated water isn’t terribly exciting. It’s kind of like taking a bath…and then leaving the water in to reheat for the next night.

Abigail Fox is four days from her due date. I got to catch up with her over the phone today. I do believe I’m just the teeniest, little bit homesick. Sure, there are more people here, and more to do here, but sometimes I really don’t feel like I belong. Like there’s still something missing. But I know that I am complete in Christ and nothing can ever separate me from His love.

Second Corinthians caught my attention last night and I realized that I’m very unfamiliar with it. I started reading through it tonight, and had hoped to read the whole book, but I only managed the first five chapters. Paul’s wordage is so beautiful. How is it that I grew up thinking the Bible all sounded the same and was boring, and suddenly everything, every word is so beautiful to me? Eloquent is the best word to describe the book—the whole book. Each writer has a unique voice and such eloquence. Such pathos and tenderness—so different from First Corinthians where Paul is rebuking and reminding the Corinthians of truth. Second Corinthians he is touched by their obedience, their godly sorrow, their faith and he reaches out to comfort them, plead with them. How frustrating it must have felt to him to know that they were demanding letters of commendation to prove that he had authority. “You are our letter of commendation.” Who shared the gospel with them? Who led them to the feet of Jesus? Does he need credentials after that? He deserved so much gratefulness from them.

Thanksgiving is just over and I realize that I’ve not been very grateful. Who shared the truth of Jesus with me? Who brought me to the feet of Christ? And how often do I look at my parents and pass judgment or resist them or dishonor them. I owe them so much more than just being fed, clothed and raised, which is worthy enough of my gratitude. I can stand before God, cleansed of my sins and a child of mercy because my parents taught me the Word of God. For those who would demand credentials of them, I should stand up and say, “I am their letter of commendation.” I can read Paul’s letters and judge the Corinthians for their ungratefulness and arrogance while presuming my wisdom or spirituality over my own parents in the faith. Define the word hypocrite and you will have described me.

Lord, the mirror of Thy word

Reflects the truth that I have heard

As spoken from my parent’s lips.

This truth has kept my feet from slips.

How could I turn my back on them?

Committing that repugnant sin,

Dishonoring the ones who raised me

Seeking, first, my own self’s glory.

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