Sunday, October 21, 1007

The morning dawned a bright and beautiful Lord’s day and every moment just got better and better. I love the Lord! I love His creation! I love His will.

The meeting was very uplifting.

Papa shared more on the church: discipline to keep it holy to God, and worship as a new priesthood to God. I love the way Jesus has opened up the way into the holy of holies so that I can enter and stand before God blameless and plead with Him before His mercy seat. It’s a shame I don’t take advantage of this ability so much more often.

Don shared how he had studied a Bible for John Paul, while waiting to adopt him in Russia, and highlighted the passages about God’s sovereignty. God’s complete control is such a huge subject of the Bible and yet I know so many people who miss it. He gave us pages and pages of passages. Since the move I’ve just been overwhelmed with a hunger and thirst for God’s word, especially as I’ve been spending time with God’s hungry children. I’ve got to know this book so I can share it with those around me who are searching and wanting to learn! Everything I read stands out to me—it’s all so good! I’ve never known a hunger and thirst like this. I can’t get enough. And most of all, I want it to last. I know the only way to continue to starve for God’s word, is to continue to feast on it and I must keep that up. It’s the only thing that satisfies me.

I want to study through all the passages Don gave us, and also the ones Papa gave us, and Mark five more in depth, and I need to get studying John so I can teach it, and there’s just so much I want to study! I want it all memorized! I want to be able to find the verses I’m looking for, to share stories and examples, to teach those around me. I keep filling my Bible with sticky notes, because I’m really feeling like I should be able to share important passages or topics with friends at a moment’s notice. I’m going to need the Lord’s help, I know, because the only way I’ll get it done is if I get up early in the mornings and study and pray. I must seek the Lord. I must point others to Him. My very spirit demands it—His Holy Spirit, really.

It's hard for me to watch others struggling. I simply want to fix everything and make it come out right. I am so grateful for the protection and nurture of a godly family.

Lord, so many orphaned children

Begging for Thy touch of healing

Seeking Fatherly affection

Offered by Thy resurrection.

Why am I a privileged daughter

Filled with Thy own living water

And the love of earthly parents?

Lord, is it so I might share it?

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