In Which My Notebooks Grow More Technical

I received my notebook computer last night and have been setting it up all day...

Concerning the Future

I’m at a place in my life where I often think about the future. I know that’s a good thing...most of the time, but it can also be a distraction from what the Lord is trying to work into my hard heart now. I catch myself daydreaming, wondering, asking what God’s will is for me—meaning, what He’s got planned for me in the future—instead of focusing on what He wants me doing now. Such foolishness! Getting ahead of the Lord, trying to guess His gifts before they’re finished and wrapped, trying to make decisions that haven’t even come up in my life yet! “What should I do if...” “What should I say if...” “I just can’t handle it if...” I should be seeking what the Lord wants me doing now—today. His will isn’t some mystical feeling in the pit of my stomache. It’s not a voice whispering in the back of my mind. It’s not revealed through visions and premonitions. He doesn’t lead through impulses, or even through the well-plotted schemes of people. He leads through my obedience to His known will—as laid out in His word.

As I’ve been studying His word, seeking His will, and looking back at my own life, I’ve been convicted, encouraged and comforted with His ways.

He’s always got it under control...and He’ll lead me across every bridge that we come to.

I gaze at the future and try to decide
A question that’s not yet been posed.
Between here and there stands a powerful door
That may be left open—or closed.

The light I have now leaves my choices too dim.
I worry, I fret—and I pray.
The question unanswered is unanswered still,
But it begs not my answer today.

I focus on Jesus. The future grows pale.
He points me to look at my past.
I know there’s a question that waits undefined—
But I won’t seek an answer ‘til asked.

In Which I Am Inspired to Leave a Legacy

Last weekend we attended the funeral for a friend of my Grandma’s. I’d met her a couple of times, but didn’t really know her, and wasn’t very excited about going. It was the most uplifting memorial service I’d ever been to, and I’ve been to a few! Everyone who shared about her was full of the testimony she bore of the Lord. As her family members shared memories, and her granddaughters sang "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus", the atmosphere was so full of the joyous knowledge that June was with the Lord. I hope at my funeral, whenever it may be, that so much glory can be given to God by the recounting of my life.

In Which I Frost My Hair

Last night my world was coated by a sparkling white layer of snow...again. This morning I decided to trek out into the wilds to seek adventure. I soon found it on the frozen creek. As I strolled down the snowy creek, I heard a sudden CREAK. Creeks are not supposed to least not when I'm walking on them. I looked toward the shoreline in time to see a crack shooting along the edge of the creek. It widened and the ice dropped about two inches. With a rush, I realized that the ice was breaking up. I took off running down the creek, persued by loud groanings and crackings, and finally lept off the ice onto the bank. I turned around to see gaping holes in the ice each place I had stepped--where the ice had broken just after I left it. Exhiliarating as it was, I must confess that the creek was only a few inches deep.
Ah, the really exciting I brushed the hair away from my face, I realized that it was encased in white ice--truly frosted.