Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lydia and I slept under piles of blankets—really and truly. Flannel sheets, three blankets, one of which was electric (on high, of course), our new comforter and our old bedspread. The concept of climbing out of bed this morning was truly daunting. How did people manage so many years ago, back before propane and insulation, when fleece was only worn by sheep and thermal underwear would have been made from deerskins. Standing with your back to the fire, your nose still turns into an icicle that begins to drip when you turn around while your backside goes numb. I suppose fur coats were quite the rage. But the house is toasty now, even down the hallway into my bedroom.

“I’ll call you later in the week,” Lauryn told me on the phone yesterday. This morning, when I answered the phone she cheerfully informed me “It’s later in the week, now.” Shortly after lunch she arrived, with her new recording equipment in tow and we sat down to arrange a couple of lullabies. In awe of her musical knowledge I obediently imputed whatever notes she called out as she tinkered on the piano. By midafternoon we had to take a break to haul firewood to the porch. You must understand that Lauryn always dresses tre' chic and today was no exception. I offered the use of coveralls and a pair of mudboots, which decked m’lady out with an entirely new look, though not even coveralls could ever hope to diminish Lauryn in any way. As she put it in a remonstrance to Zach, who dared to suggest that she would have to disappear behind a husband some day “Submit, yes. But I will not be diminished!”

Lauryn and I, well, we’re both free spirits—independent thinkers. We get together and discuss things like marriage. Are you laughing at me? Why shouldn’t we discuss marriage? It’s important. I’m convinced that nobody’s ever ready, considering simple things like lack of experience, but I’m doing my best. I dove into Proverbs 31 to study out what I should be working on—really to be an excellent woman, daughter, wife or whatever the Lord has in mind for me—and came up with an interesting bit of a list. But what really stood out to me was the virtuous woman’s purpose: all of these virtuous things she does, not as a pursuit of charm, beauty, vanity, money or power, but because she pursues the Lord.

Lord, may I never so seek charm
As to bring my Bridegroom harm
And may my beauty never be
A thing that could tempt eyes from Thee.

May my diligence prove more
To freely give to all Thy poor
That I can live my life content,
For Thee, my time and talents spent.

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