Friday, October 12, 2007

Our water problems are not over. Last night we discovered that the thermo couple on the hot water heater had decided to throw in the towel. I did my best to become clean and pleasant smelling while staying as dry as possible. The result was a basket full of goosebumps and purple toenails. So far I’ve only been able to locate a “universal” couple that “might” work. Dear Jesus, hot water in October is a very lovely blessing. Please pour out your blessings on us tonight.

He has already been blessing us hugely. Today we got about five college guys together to help us pick up a table set and buffet from Dr D and Miss J. A very elegant, undoubtedly expensive table set and buffet. Enormous, mahogany, pedestal legs, cut glass windows—exquisite. And it doesn’t belong in our house. I continually find myself in awe of their generosity.

The best part of the escapade was the impromptu tour of RussVegas with a cavalcade of several cars all following my dad—who went to the wrong end of town to find the storage unit. Josiah and I enjoyed playing off the poor, bedraggled Tempo against Kevin’s shiny, new Maxima. Our mufflerless car is almost as loud as his fancy muffler.

Our leaf pile has grown to a mountain of superb dimensions, through our vigorous raking and hauling of the deciduous blanket that’s been keeping our yard insulated. Somewhere, deep down inside there are small, savory pockets where Lydia has buried the compost. My subconscious thinking tells me we should burn those leaves, and my logical mind agrees. I work in fear that a capricious North wind will come waltzing along to make all our effort in vain.

My mind has gone for a roller-coaster ride in the past few months. I’ve always prided myself on my superb control of my emotions, but lately they have been spiraling completely out of the range of sane. The move has brought many things to a head within me, and I’m left with an overriding sense of confusion. I think I know what I want, but I don’t know why. Which brings me to question if that’s really what I want. And I know that all that really matters is what the Lord wants. And I think I want what He wants.

“The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…”

Lord, Thou led me to this place

I fix my eyes upon Thy face,

And fix my thoughts on home above.

My soul grows fat upon Thy love.

I only wish to know Thy will—

To sit before Thee, hushed and still.

Thy spring that runs eternally

Becomes a tongue of fire in me.

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