Monday, November 12, 2007

Sometimes I feel so young. Many of my friends are over twenty by some, and here I am, with months to go before I hit twenty-one. And yet, with twenty years lived, what do I have to show for it? I have done so very little for the cause of Christ, so very little to bring glory to the name of Yahweh. I want to do so much more. In as little time as possible.

Josiah and I took the curves at a decent speed today, in the pickup on the way to the S Family's house. I’m beginning to be used to Arkansas driving and don’t ride the clutch nearly so often. We loaded up chainsaws, pole saws and ladders to go cut down a dead limb which Zach insisted was in eminent danger of crushing the new fence. The prospect didn’t seem so bleak when we arrived, but now there is no longer any danger of such a thing. Miss J always seems ready to see us, as are the kiddos. She told me sternly that I was fired. Last night, in Taco Bell, we saw them going through the drive through and waved and made faces. She informed me that JP whined for me for half an hour afterwards. Flattering, I confess.

Returned home, Josiah and I set to work on the pickup bumper and installed the shiny, new one. It’s a relief to have that finished and looking good again—even better than it did before.

I tried to call Ellen several times yesterday. Once in the late afternoon, I got ahold of someone, who suggested I try her at dinner time. When I called back again around seven, no one answered. That’s a little rough, since I feel like I need to keep touch with her. If I get someone today, I’ll ask for an address so I can at least send her some stuff. And I should spend some serious time in prayer.

I’m acting up, but feeling down.

Lord, my circumstances don’t project

Thy joy upon my intellect

But what have I to mourn or whine?

Except I give Thee little time.

If Thou be banished from my mind

Dissatisfaction’s what I find.

And how is it that I could be

Content without my rest in Thee?

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