Saturday, October 20, 2007

Our woods are beautiful! And we have such an abundance of them. By mid-afternoon we’d finished most of the tasks we had to do. The house is really coming along, and the garage is organized, and the toolshed, and the wellhouse and the barn. So we coated ourselves with bugspray and headed out into the wild and untamed woods. We’re still not sure where our property begins or ends, but we certainly own some beautiful acreage—all the way to the highway. We’ve got a babbling brook, too, nestled down into a cozy valley. The woods are so different here. The plants and trees are different, and I don’t recognize them, and the dirt is brick red. So when the light filters through the pine needles and oak leaves far above to sprinkled the red ground, there’s so much brilliant color: red, green, blue, and warm, golden sunshine. I can’t wait to head back out with my camera.

Once upon a time I was a little girl with few private thoughts or emotions. Now it seems I need to hide my very heartbeat. Where is the balance between being candid, honest, transparent, and being pure?

Lord, each time I go some place

I search for one familiar face.

But Lord, I know it’s only right

That Thou should bring so much delight

That I should seek more earnestly

To be within Thy company

And come unto Thee eagerly

Since Thou dost seek to be with me.

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