Saturday, November 3, 2007

Today promised to be a productive day. An idle promise it seems to have been.

On my list were a few big projects—paint my bathroom, varnish my bed and weed the back of the house.

I leapt into the sanding of my bathroom walls with eagerness, vitality and innocence. Soon I discovered what a heavy duty I had assigned myself. It was after my right hand was sore, and my index finger was oozing that Josiah pointed out the wisdom of using a power sander. Even then, my walls were far from smooth when I gave up, wiped them down and began painting. A very brilliant green. Think lime sherbet. Sadly, the walls took on a “texture” of their own, thanks to the old layer of peeling paint that I had worked so hard to sand smooth. After two coats I gave up and decided I’d hold out for a good mudding job. Guess what. That means more sanding.

Between sanding, coats of lime sherbet and drinks of water I managed to get three layers of varnish on the front side of the bed. It looks beautiful, but the back is still unfinished.

By mid-afternoon, Josiah was kind enough to do my weeding for me.

So, by the end of the day, I had finished not a one of my three tasks. Not a one.

Either I am overambitious, or overabundant in snags.

I hurriedly painted the last coat of varnish and washed my lime paint roller and brushes in the early evening and bundled up so we could rush down the road to the “Williams Family Jamboree”. A hootinannie (however that wonderful Ozarkan word is spelled) of sorts, complete with a stage full of jamming bluegrass musicians. Not too shabby, in retrospect, and a very good glimpse of the culture.

A fading culture.

Up on stage, side by side, were the bear-greased, suspender sportin’, ya’ll yellin’ grandpa’s and grannies, pickin’ and grinnin’ with their shag sportin’, letterman jacket wearin’ grandsons. It was like the Beverly Hillbillies meet Highschool Musical.

Nathaniel and Lauren pulled in late, received a tour of the house, admired and were admired and went to bed. I am very thankful tomorrow is Fall Back Daylight Savings.

Lord, when others crowd my mind

Teach me how to seek and find

Thee amid the business

That I may, Thy bounty, bless.

Indwell my heart with thoughts of Thee

Captivate entirely

My will, emotions and my dreams

With all that thrills Thee, Savior, King.

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