Friday, November 30, 2007

The concept of considering someone a close friend who doesn't view me the same way has haunted me all day. I’ve seen it before—over and over again. One person considers the other a very special, very close friend. But the feeling isn’t mutual. The enemy latched onto this thought, sharpened it into insecurity and doubt, enflamed it with idolatry and shot it at me in a thousand different forms.

Who do I consider my best friends? Do I even have best friends, or am I so cut off from others that I have no bosom buddies? Do these girls actually consider me precious, rare and irreplaceable, or am I just there? Why can't some people connect with others? Am I really connecting with others or am I just imagining things? Am I anyone’s best friend?

In the midst of sudden loneliness and overwhelming insignificance, the Friend who is closer than a brother spoke to me. He doesn’t put friends into our lives to be classified, grouped and scored. He calls us friend because He laid down His life for us. Because He gives to us. Because He loves us unconditionally. Because He delighted in serving us. My friends should not be those who serve me, love me and sacrifice for me, but those whom I lay down my life for. I don’t need to be anyone’s best friend. I just need to be the best friend that I possibly can be—to anyone in need.

Only two people showed up for the singing and Jonathan Lindvall tape tonight: Amber and Josh. It was as if the Lord reiterated again to me what He’d been reminding me all day. Amber’s love offering was a precious card and a “Friends of Faith” bracelet she’d bought me after our get-together Wednesday. Her thoughtfulness touched me deeply.

Lord, it’s not the well who need Thee

Nor did Thou seek for men to feed Thee.

Thou sought Thy sustenance from giving

And imparting water, living.

Teach me to give freely, purely

That I may find Thou fillest, surely.

That my actions, done as Thine

May turn from water into wine.

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