Monday, December 3, 2007

My alarm clock hates cell phones with a passion. I can’t sit down by my bed to chat, or it growls at me. If I walk by with a phone in my pocket, it roars. Today, I connected to the internet using Papa’s new AT&T wireless device (like an internet cell phone) with the growling subdued, but present. I’m sure it has something to do with the fact that it is also a radio, but I have yet to meet another radio with such hostility toward cell phones. Of course, if I leave the phone far away, it wags it’s antenna like a happy puppy. Truly, I have the world’s most capricious alarm clock.

I’ve been sleeping like a dormouse lately—going to bed early, not getting up until I absolutely have to, and even going to sleep randomly during quiet time or any time I’m sitting still. I’m hoping it’s only the decongestant and antibiotic I’ve been on for this bronchial junk. I can’t seem to function as energetically as usual, and I feel like I’m limping through, getting only about half of what I need to finished. My list today really wasn’t that bad, but so few things are now marked off.

The River Town Bank boasts “Free Checking, Free First Order of Checks, Free Debit”. With such an offer, how could I resist? I made my grand entrance today, Lydia in tow, to open a checking and savings account and finally have my assets available again. The clerk was a pleasant lady who cheerfully answered all my questions, and then had one of her own: “How old are you?” Her reason for asking? One must be eighteen to open a checking account and she simply didn’t believe I was old enough. That obstacle out of the way, we were just getting down to business when the other clerk leaned over and stage whispered, “You can’t do that today.” Embarrassed, my clerk remembered that all the computers were down and she couldn’t do anything for me today. We shared a good laugh and I exited to return at a later date.

Lydia and I picked out a movie as a beans reward. “The Pebble and the Penguin” caught our eyes, to my regret. It was one of the most stupid, gushy movies I’ve seen—I believe. Although, strangely, movies are losing their appeal more and more. Several times I’ve considered checking one out, only to become bored with the whole idea and come home empty handed. Even books have lost their magic for me. The industry is so corrupt, and I’ve become so much more inundated with the truth, that books and movies simply don’t measure up. I should be delighted, but some evil little imp is telling me I’ve lost something.

I read through the book of Amos this morning, and several things caught my attention. One was the repetition of descriptions of God’s power, followed by the introduction “Yahweh of hosts is His name”. God is a person—not a human, but a person, who has thoughts and feelings—and power. The second was another instance of intercession. When God showed the prophet terrible plagues he was about to send on Israel, Amos begged the Lord to stop—“How can Jacob stand it for he is so small?” Both times he made his plea, the Lord relented. What an amazing thing, to think that a simple shepherd could be so in fellowship with Yahweh of Hosts as to beg Him to stop a punishment—and be answered with favor. God must love for us to boldly intercede and beg His mercy on behalf of others.

Lord, Thou calls the humble friend,

The lowly Thou delights to send

For what Thou speaks, they must repeat

And with Thy peace, Thou shods their feet.

And Father, Thou delights to show

Thy plans to harm and overthrow

That these same lowly may entreat

Thy favor at Thy mercy seat.

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