The "I" Meme

I've never been tagged in a meme before...and it feels weird to say "I" so often...but, here goes! Thanks, Victoria for making me try something new. ;) And I tag Jason Plett, Amber D., Raising Arrows and Taffy.

I am: just a little scribe, scribbling about the King and the great things He does
I think: thoughts, mostly. Few of them profound.
I know: enough to stay out of trouble. But does it actually work?
I have: webbed toes.
I wish: I always knew the fitting thing to say or do.
I hate: entangling sins, cruel words and distorted truth.
I miss: playing Cowboys and Indians and turning cartwheels in a skirt before I was old enough to care.
I fear: bringing discredit on the name of Yahweh.
I feel: most at rest when I am most tired.
I hear: music in my mind that I lack the skill to express.
I smell: every candle I see.
I crave: to know and understand Yahweh’s heart and desires.
I search: the faces of those around me to see if I can catch a peep inside their souls.
I wonder: what is coming next? But I’m glad I don’t know…
I regret: the opportunities I’ve let slip to spread the Good News.
I love: bowing before Yahweh, discovering His Word for myself, the thrill that follows knowing I’ve chosen to obey Him, the laughter bubbling up from a heart filled with joy, the light spirit when my conscience is clear.
I ache: when I must watch someone else aching, unable to heal their wounds.
I am not: wise, mighty, beautiful, famous, ingenious or talented.
I believe: Jesus is the Son of God, the perfect sacrifice to atone for the sin of the world and believing I have life in His name.
I dance: rather clumsily.
I sing: faster when I’m working, louder in the shower, constantly when I’m delighted, horribly if you’re listening.
I cry: when I see a broken human turn away from the abundant grace of Yahweh and when I see a broken turn to the abundant grace of Yahweh.
I don't always: pay attention to important instructions I’m being given.
I fight: my emotions, my flesh and my self. Usually I lose.
I write: because I must collect my scattered thoughts and orchestrate them into some measure of order before I sleep.
I win: every battle I surrender to Yahweh.
I lose: focus in times of ease.
I never: drink soda pop, watch TV, give advice to polar bears or wrestle alligators not in my weight division.
I always: untie my tennis shoes before taking them off.
I confuse: myself when I contemplate romance.
I listen: the little sounds that make the raging hum of the world.
I can usually be found: only if I want to be found.
I am scared: I might wound someone else.
I need: to constantly refocus and rediscover that Jesus is all I need
I imagine: all the worst possible outcomes, so that I am delighted when none of them happen.
I am happy about: life…because it is mine abundantly!

About Effectiveness

Found in a fortune cookie:

If you think you are too small to be effective,
You have never been in bed with a mosquito.

Announcing Pearls and Diamonds

We're officially up on the web--Lauren and I have started a blog together, hoping to encourage young women, both married and single, to grow in the grace of Christ! Check us out two ways--either click the nifty picture above, or click the nifty link below. And be sure to let us know what you think.

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