Sunday, November 4, 2007

I made a very foolish mistake. I ventured into the woods alone and unprotected—no Bible in hand. And for the hour and a half I spent in God’s beautiful and peaceful sanctuary, Satan beat me up and left me bleeding and in tears.

I seem to be spending a rather large portion of my time bleeding and in tears.

After church an old wound began oozing and split wide open. It was a battle wound from a fight with someone I loved deeply. A fight I thought I'd won.

Actually, I didn’t win. We both lost. He lost his temper, but I lost the battle to be like Christ--to lay down my life. Somehow that truth had never broken through to me before today, in the woods, helplessly buffeted by Satan, who tormented me by opening all the old wounds I thought had healed. Out there, where I had gone to pray and meditate, I fell prey to Satan’s lies that I would never heal.

Lord, I know Thou had a plan

In placing me beneath this man

But, Lord, I fear approaching him—

In case I find his patience thin.

I fear he’ll turn his face away

And keep his scepter in its place

If I approach his throne unbidden.

And so I keep my heart well hidden.

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