Saturday, October 13, 2007

My hair is finally clean and back with a bounce. It feels wonderful. Getting it this way wasn’t the most pleasant experience. I’ve no doubt that Satan is out in full force with his minions to drive us back and defeat us. “Little” things, like the hot water heater that we still can’t get fixed and will probably have to replace and Mom’s clothing rod falling down and needing to be rehung. We were going to host the church (us, the S Family and Nick, mostly) here tomorrow, but had to call for a switch with the S Family. Tonight the hot water heater overflowed making a soggy mess in the laundry room. The Lord was gracious, though, and Lydia heard it immediately so the mess was much smaller than it might have been.

I was on the phone with my new sister-in-law, Lauren, for the first time since our move and had to cut her off to go help. Sentinel is working Nathaniel all over the clock and she’s pretty much alone this weekend. I think he’s already beginning to wish he hadn’t taken that job. But the Lord must have a purpose for having him and Lauren there, and I’ll trust Him to reveal it in His time.

The water situation has helped to realign my priorities, and make me more grateful—even for little things like the fresh bread and butter melting in my mouth, or the hot tea, soothing my slightly sore throat. For a well-insulated house. For plenty of jackets and coats. For a cheerful family who laughs through hard times. For better things to look forward to.

Until something happens I often don’t realize how much I take for granted. Even something as simple as hot water. The Lord just kept bringing back to my mind how Corrie Ten Boom would go for days with no shower, and when she would finally be allowed a few brief minutes in a cold shower, she was so grateful to feel some resemblance to clean. I have water—plenty of it. It’s cold, but it’s wet and it will keep me clean and keep my thirst quenched. I have a roof over my head. I have clothes on my body. I have plenty of food. I have many people who love me. And most importantly, I have Jesus.

What more could I really need?

Lord, Thy bounty was complete

When Thou bent low to wash my feet.

With shelter, food—all heaven sent—

I bow in thanks. Lord, I’m content.

Every good thing I receive

Reminds me Whom I have believed,

And know that Thou art able still

To save me by Thy perfect will.

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