It's been a year...

...Not since I posted last. Not quite. But since we moved to Arkansas. Which is almost as hard to believe as the fact that Lydia is almost as tall as I am. (Which means she's almost five foot tall. Not very impressive.) And almost as hard to believe as the fact that Josiah is now eighteen. Or that Papa has been working crazy hours for ConAgra for several months now. And Jacindarella is about to move to Bolivia for two years.

I thought I'd been promised a quiet summer, so I prepared for surprises and they certainly came. Receptionist for Choices PRC soon turned to graphic designer (when they discovered I could design t-shirts for the upcoming walk) and from there I became Public Relations (how does this always happen? I wind up smiling, shaking hands and talking to people) and I finally accepted a position as Administrative Assistant. Whatever that means. The secret is that Sherry mistakenly believes me to have computer skills. That's just the busyness I can tack a title to.

We've done some remodeling here and some landscaping there. No longer does the house have so many pink tones and the trim is real wood now. My trusty laptop screen is suffering from burn-out--the backlight, I believe. Don't ask me to explain how that all works. I've got a new screen on the way and am hooked up to the school monitor in the meanwhile, so it all works out.

The Lord's been faithfully teaching me. More than I can ever hope to regurgitate. About faithfulness--in the little things, because He is faithful in the little things. "Trust in the Lord and do good. Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness." About wasted emotion. Because God created me with emotions so that I would worship and enjoy Him forever, but I tend to waste my emotional energy on fear, discouragement, guilt and anxiety. Instead of being wasteful, I should be filled with the Spirit, singing and making melody in my heart, giving praise and thanks to Yahweh! He's been faithful to give me constant reminders to be a good steward of my emotions as well as time and money.

Josiah's been pestering me to get back to blogging--especially sharing from my journals. Hmm. I'll have to think on that one. For the meanwhile, I realized I had just dropped off the face of the world. I'm doing well! VERY WELL. Very in love with Jesus. Very busy!!

If I never post again, you can keep up with me a little at the blog I share with my sister-in-law, Lauren: Pearls and Diamonds.

Blessings to ya'll!

Abigail Joy