Friday, October 19, 2007

Not a single day has passed without us either going somewhere or someone coming here. After a long day of raking and cleaning and fine-tuning the house, we settled down for supper and a movie about George Washington Carver. The movie was a disappointment, since they conveniently forgot that GW’s driving force was the love of Jesus and a desire to serve Him by serving the black people.

Meagan showed up. She’d been trying to call us and getting a busy signal, since Papa was downloading something from the internet, but she assumed (correctly) that meant we were there.

As we were watching the movie, her cell phone alarm went off, reminding her to pray at 8:02. I love that. The girls from Grace started praying, wherever they were, all together at 8:02 every night and it’s grown. I need to figure out a good way to set myself an alarm, so that I can join them. That’s something I think we missed a lot back home—the importance of prayer. I honestly believe that’s why the Lord is working so mightily here—because the folks pray all the time, about everything. Are we talking about someone who annoys us? We stop and pray for them. Someone shares a prayer request? We stop and pray for them. We schedule times to stop and pray. It’s beautiful, this constant communion with the Lord. “Pray at all times. In everything give thanks. This is God’s will.” I love it! A simple step with the huge knowledge that I’m in God’s will.

Lord, Thy will’s not hard to find

When Thou hast opened eyes once blind

I see that Thou desirest only

To receive my praise and glory.

So I bring my cares to Thee

And thank Thee for Thy work in me

Remembering what comes from above

Are precious tokens of Thy love.

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