Thursday, December 13, 2007

Smiling and sunshine just go together. Where there is sunshine, I can’t help smiling. Where I am smiling, the sun can’t seem to resist peeking out to see. Today he and I both glowed at each other the entire day, and by afternoon I was wound as tightly as a spring and ready to bounce. Helping Josiah clear a lane through the woods helped to dissipate some of that energy by dark, but I continued pretty enthusiastically the rest of the night.

Zach and Taylor brought over the recording equipment that Nathaniel is buying from Taylor. It's currently tucked away in Josiah's closet, getting absolutely no use. Is it beyond reasonable that I would want to give it the pleasure of keeping busy? Nathaniel seems to think so. He ordered me in no uncertain terms to "keep my hands off of it!" Even warned me he'd be fingerprinting it when he picked it up. Of course, I could wear a pair of latex gloves.

True to the typical Lodes style, Tedd and Emily arrived an hour late, laden with delicious Indian food and infectious smiles. They eagerly joined in the canning of the apple butter Mom and I had started this morning, and shared stories from their overseas experiences. I successfully passed of Lauren’s cap and gown, saved for Miss Emily to use this Saturday by the “Gently Used cap and gown distribution center of D-town”. And only Papa could be blamed for keeping them past the nine-o’clock curfew. It’s our loss to see them moving on from RussVegas.

Stephen caught my attention today. His opponents couldn’t handle him because of his wisdom, grace and enthusiasm. Those would be wonderful charges laid to my case. It’s a bit daunting, as well, to realize that if I am filled with the Holy Spirit, the world will hate me and will likely rush at me with grinding teeth demanding my death. They won’t be gathered around, applauding, wishing me well, taking celebrity shots—they’ll be pitching rocks.

Lord, I stand here, ready, willing

To receive Thy Spirit’s filling.

Overflow me with Thy wisdom,

Grace and power, those that listen

Will be made to love or hate Thee

Since they simply can’t debate Thee.

If I preach Thy precious story

Thou wilt stand and gain the glory.

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