Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Josiah is acting insanely goofy and, get this, blaming it on me. As if I could ever make anyone goofy. Besides, I’ve been gone all day. That’s right, the whole entire day. First, I had an important consultation with a BeautiControl agent, and she helped me define a hopeful path for controlling my beauty. It’s getting rather out of hand. (Beauty a.k.a. acne.) I also finally activated my debit card, after three months, and made the largest purchase yet this year: eleven whole dollars on eleven whole yards of fabric to finish my bedroom décor. And five young ladies managed to turn into veritable messes in an effort to wish Jacinderella and Lauryn happy birthdays. Those are all accomplishments, no doubt, but the greatest of all was attacking Amber’s room with her and making some headway in the clean-up process: we managed to hang stuffed animal nets, and stuff them with animals, as well as put together and make her bed. Painfully slow, it seems, at time, but I’m reminded “not to grow weary in well-doing, for in due season we will reap, if we don’t lose heart.” The Lord’s lovingkindness was overwhelming today, through every minute, every tiny detail, every single, small thing, reminding me He is a God of small things and not just of big deals. Reminding me to be faithful in the small things and trust Him to work. Reminding me that books are written in chapters, chapters in pages, pages in sentences, sentences in words and even the most perfect words are spelled out in the same, simple letters.

During a ten minute gap between errands, I pulled into a sunny byroad to read over the set of Psalms for the day and found a gem worth stowing away. “Yahweh favors those who fear Him, Those who wait for His lovingkindness.” Gabriel greeted Mary as a favored one and Daniel as a man of high esteem and Job was one in whom God boasted. Here was their secret: they feared God and waited for His lovingkindness. What a beautiful promise at a time when it seems like I’m forever waiting…and waiting…and waiting on the Lord.

Just as I’d finished writing, Mom shared that Audrey called today—specifically asking two things: if I’d teach a creative writing class for the homeschool group next fall and if I’d pray about discipling a fourteen-year-old girl she knows. Okay, Lord. Now what do You have in mind?

Lord, I seek for things so great,
But Thou gives small things while I wait
Reminding me that small things must
Be used to teach my heart to trust.

Lord, I want to see the whole,
Thy goal, Thy will, Thy plan in full.
Thou reminds my faltering heart:
Thy word was writ in little parts.


Jason Plett said...

Wow you have some real talent! I am not a religious man at all, but I can certainly appreciate the beauty of your words. Very eloquent, I only wish I had that kind of talent, I have tried over the years, but just don'tseem to have it. Regarding your comment on Lourdes of Twang. I have owned guitars since I was 16 about twenty years ago prior to that I played accordian, and percussion. Now that being said I have begun to take guitar seriously for about 6months now, and am really enjoying it. All the best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! This poem speaks so much to my heart!