Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14, 2008

I never know what sort of opportunities will be offered me. Holly, our contact with the BibleLeague just called me to see if I’d be interested in an internship with their Africa department. Nobody has to tell me anymore that Papa can’t bear to part with me—especially not to vanish across the world, even in a cause as good as this one, but I suggested she e-mail me the information and I’d pass it on.

My very special Valentine date showed up in time to help me finish the cheesecakes for supper. She wore a pink shirt, her amazing curls were gelled to perfection and over her shoulder was slung a teacher’s bag with concept cards and children’s books. Miss Emily and I have an interesting habit of reading children’s books together. What can you expect? One is a teacher. The other is a children’s writer.

Emily for supper is the best thing about Valentine’s Day. My feelings regarding this hoax of a holiday typically run something along the lines of cynical amusement. Shall we profess our love with cheap paper hearts, melting chocolate and sugared candy? "My little children, stop just saying you love one another. Prove it!" God demonstrated His love toward us by pouring out the blood of His only begotten Son. “Be mine?” we ask, offering flowers that will fade and die. “Be mine?” He offers us the unfading crown of glory, eternal life with Him. Our version of love at this time of year has faded to a worthless charade. When will we wake up and recognize that God is love? That love is sacrifice--of ourselves.

Lord, Thou art the perfect love
Who casts out worry, doubt and fear
And tears the temple curtain down
And beckons helpless souls draw near.

Love, as Thou hast shown this world
Is rarely pretty, never cheap.
The law of love is carved in blood:
The shepherd dies for wandering sheep.

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