Sunday, February 17, 2008

Tabitha shared an interesting tidbit with me tonight, as we quoted from Revelation twenty-one. In the New Jerusalem, if only twenty-five percent of the Holy City were used for dwellings, there would be adequate room for twenty billion people. What a completely new aspect to “in My Father’s house are many mansions.”

I want to see those mansions full.

I want the world to see Yahweh working, changing lives, breaking hearts, healing souls, every day like He did tonight. I found a friend weeping on his face before the Lord, praising God for the breaking, for the answer to his prayers. “Praise God with me,” he whispered. “I knew God answered prayer, but not mine. I’d prayed and prayed for this. Tonight it came. God answers prayers. God answers my prayers.” In a moment crystalline with God’s powerful grace, what have I to say or do? Simply this: witness. Witness and write.

Lord! My spirit’s overwhelmed
With Thee.
I have not words to praise
Thy majesty.

To compare Thy attributes
To things I see or touch
Would fall so short.
Thou art too much.

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