Friday, February 22, 2008

“Hello, Princess,” Mom smiled at me as I breezed through the French doors.

“Princess?” I echoed. I certainly didn’t feel like a princess.

“You just look like a princess,” she offered, taping snowman paper around Nathaniel’s birthday present.

I glanced down at my bulky coat, muddy boots and windblown hair. I’m not sure what she was seeing, but at the moment I’d have cheerfully accepted the title “Court Jester” as long as it reminded me I belonged in the King’s family.

For the first time in many moons, the house was warm when I woke up this morning—because I’ve transferred my residence to the couch and awakened several times during the night to stoke up the fire. Now I have a thorough understanding of why Josiah has such a hard time getting up every morning.

We spent most of the day giving Grandma the grand tour of RussVegas, including lunch in the Caf. Perhaps I’m getting old before my time, but I was exhausted by the time we got home and I started a quick supper before our expected company arrived at seven. I managed to snag an opportunity to ply Papa with a question that has been plaguing me for a couple of days. When Yahweh first led the people of Israel out of Egypt, Moses took the priests and seventy elders of Israel up into Mount Sinai and they all beheld Yahweh, and did not die. How could this be when Moses later pleads to see God’s glory and God tells him, “You can’t see my face and live”? Going over the description together, we noted that God is not described—it only says that under His feet the pavement was sapphire, pure like the sky. These men must not have seen His face—only what was under His feet. Later, as I ran through the woods I found myself pleading with the Lord, reminding Him how much I want to see Him. I see His handiwork all around me in the rough bark of the pines, the slender points of the needles that break down to become fine, red dirt. He said the earth is His footstool—is it the same sky I gaze up at that is under His feet? Yet, it’s not enough. I long for the intimacy which Adam forfeited, which I forfeited by following in the likeness of his sin. Praise Him! I have a confident assurance that God will mercifully restore that fellowship in full one day.

Lord, Thy glory is revealed
From faith to faith, on earth, but still
I want to see Thy face and live,
To see fulfilled that Thou forgives,

To walk with Thee, as with a friend
In glory that will know no end.
I wait in hope, for Thou art just,
And discipline my heart to trust.

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