Friday, February 8, 2008

Empty nest syndrome is technically supposed to be limited to homing pigeons, right? Call me bird-brained, if you like, but I’m feeling rather lonely without many of the regulars. Zach seems to have vanished up the flue like a reverse Santa, and when Taylor called this evening to say that he and Nathan were going to dinner with Tim, who is back for a visit, I knew we’d be alone tonight, with no one to give Nick a ride out. We whipped up a sort of jam session regardless, and I contented myself with bongos since my voice has gone the way of the buffalo. On the heels of our attempted singing, we cracked open Pilgrim’s Progress and continued our own progress alongside Christian and Faithful as they met up with Talkative and bandied words with him a while.

Through the haze of distant English and confusing conversation, Bunyan made a fascinating point regarding the laws of clean and unclean. “Animals that both chew cud and split the hoof.” It’s not enough, he held, to chew cud, to talk of God and the work and word of God, of salvation, of holiness and of the walk. The hoof must also be cloven, the pathway walked, in order to be clean and a fit sacrifice for God.

Lord, I chew upon Thy word
But has my heart both heard and heard?
Or has the power of Thy text
Been lost upon my intellect?

Teach me to seek out Thy truth,
Not as a psychologic proof
But, that I would both chew and eat
And, reading, motivate my feet.

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