Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunbathing might seem to require exposed skin, but today was just beautiful enough to allow for soaking up vitamin D—through a layer of cotton. Sadly, that was the most notable occurrence of the entire twenty-four hours we affectionately term “Saturday”. The rest of the day was spent rather uneventfully in laboring over chainsaws that lazily refused to work, and organizing the dusty barn.

At long last I found words and music to express some thoughts spinning through my mind the past few days as I try to reconcile the simplicity of the gospel with the necessity of holy living. As Paul tells us in Romans, the grace of the Lord is not our license to sin and David confirms that no man can by any means redeem his brother. We must claim God’s unmerited favor for ourselves, and when we have grasped it, we will walk in newness of life.

The grace of the Lord must be your own.
You’re not saved through the faith that another has shown,
But if you should wander so far from home
The grace of the Lord can still find you.

So seek the Lord while He may be found.
Call His name while He might be near.
The humble sinner who falls to the ground
Will find that the Lord of grace will hear.

Grace is greater than all our sin.
Grace will teach us to enter in
To the way of faith that the humble have trod.
God’s grace will lead us to God.

So if you have chosen to humbly implore
God’s grace and His mercy to open the door
That you may enter His rest ever more,
May the grace of our Lord be with you.

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