Thursday, January 31, 2008

If I hadn’t promised Amber I’d come into R-ville today, I’d have stayed at home and cuddled up in my bed to read. Chilly rain held out the promise of sleet and snow, so I bundled up right down to a stocking cap and boots. The snow waited until tonight to fall, and I know we’ll be waking up to a beautiful blanket of sparkling white and a sugar dusting on the pine trees.

I spent the morning shopping until I detested every single store in town. No one seemed available on campus, and when my phone rang it was Amber sounding like a choking frog on the other end. “I’m sick,” she informed me. “You better not come over.” I ran by Choices, planning to take my application in. Their hours claimed they were open, but clearly the hour-board was mistaken. Perhaps the electricity loss had put them out of business for the time being.

Campus finally greeted me, cold and lonely, in midafternoon as I headed to the library to deliver something from Lydia to Jacinda. I’d love an explanation for why everyone was having a hard week. Jacinda was wilting under a load of frustrations. Lauryn’s grandpa had a heart attack and her parents were gone. Shoko was simply stressed. April was super busy. Emily was lonely with Lindsey and Becki both gone. Somehow we’re all missing something, and I wasn’t feeling overly joyful myself to offer it to others.

What is the secret of rejoicing in all things? Perspective. But it’s so much easier to preach than practice. Feeling down? Remember all the blessings the Lord has poured out on us, both spiritual and temporal. The temporal may shift and change, the spiritual and carved in stone—white stones.

Lord, Thou bids me to rejoice
And lift to Thee a praise-filled voice,
But sometimes I find my voice to break
And then Thy praises I forsake.

Teach me to abide in Thee
A holy, living entity
That takes my sustenance from Thee
Rejoicing in eternity.

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