To B or not to B

Because my life has Been Buzzing with them.

Boulders—Because that’s what we hid Behind while waiting for Becki and Lin N to walk unsuspectingly past us. A surprise for Lin N’s Birthday.

Birds—Because the hang glider almost seemed just like a Big one, until the dude flying it hollered down to us.

Borrowed—Because Both of the cameras I toted around Family Day Belonged to someone else.

Brothers—Because Nathaniel and Lauren Bunked here over the weekend and Josiah—well, Josiah’s Beyond description.

Blessings—Because the huge group of Believers here Sunday certainly were that.

Birthdays—Because Papa had one, too, and turned fifty-four.

Beautiful—Because that Best describes Josh’s car after Jacinderella, Catherine and I finished decorating it with pink hearts, colorful flowers and shaving cream.

Busted—Because I knew I was as soon as Josh called me demanding why I’d come to DHS without coming in to say “hi.” I’m not sure if he’d seen the “Just Married” across the Back window yet.

Baking—Because I went at it like a fury yesterday.

Burning—Because fortune cookies must be shaped as soon as they come out of the oven—at three hundred degrees. But my hands are heat resistant only up to two-hundred and fifty. Lizzie and Lydia stood By the stove laughing as I Bellowed, “Ow, ow, ow” and tossed Blighted fortune cookies like flapjacks.

Boozefighters—Because our neighbor paid us $100 to fold t-shirts for his motorcycle club.

Blogs—Because once upon a time I started Blogging as a way to keep my Buddies from Kansas up to date. Several months later, with over 2,000 hits, I Began to feel exposed--especially when I kept making editing Blunders. But I believe I'll stay and continue posting, just in a less intimate style.


Jason Plett said...

Good to see you back Scribbler. $100 for folding t-shirts seems pretty sweet, but I must ask how many shirts for the c-note?

mm said...

Very happy you are back Scribe. I look forward to being kept informed. May the Lord be with you and watch out for the ronin penguins!

Amber Michelle said...

Goody! Welcome back! :-)

Theresa said...

Back--Because that's what Abigail is to Blogspot.

outBeat--Because Abigail is so much better at coming up with clever "B" paragraphs.


ScribblinScribe said...

Jason--the number of t-shirts far exceeds my counting ability. Actually, we inventoried them, but I never tallied it all up. LOL Hundreds. He is selling them. It took us about an hour and a half.

mm--I knew the Lord watched out for sparrows, but ronin penguins? :P

Theresa--Bogus--Because Theresa can write B paragraphs as well as I can any day. ;)

All ya'll (ooh...I'm turning Arkansan!) Thanks for the welcome back! :)