Because He’s Not Sentimental

“Did you watch that Mark Twain movie with us?” Papa asked me as I sat on his bedroom floor. “No,” I answered. “Was it good?” He shrugged. “He had a daughter—his youngest I think. Susie was her name. I guess he was kind of enigmatic. Hard to understand. And she really just intuitively understood him. They were very close.” I looked up. “I think I remember hearing that,” I answered. “Didn’t he get really depressed when she died?” Papa nodded, but he didn’t say anything more. When I came to kiss him good night he said, “I love you, Baby.” “I love you, too,” I responded, thinking how far we’ve come since the days of my early teens, when we seemed to have drifted miles apart. Then he added, “Hearing about Mark Twain’s daughter made me think of you.” My heart swelled and pressed against the inside of my ribs so I could hardly breathe. I didn’t answer. What could I say? Papa’s not a sentimental person. He rarely says things that earn an “aw.” I quietly walked down the hall and into my room, my eyes filling with tears—happy tears. What amazing things Jesus can do! Just a few words, but I knew exactly what he meant. He couldn’t have said it better.

Lord, ‘tis Thou whose grace imparts
The turning of a father’s heart
To his daughter, hers to him
And sets love like a diadem

Upon the brow of each in Thee,
To mirror Thy paternity.
When I gaze on both my fathers
I am blessed among all daughters.


Moss said...

Words are oh, so powerful!

Jason Plett said...

Nice, very nice.

mm said...

Scribe! I am so glad you are still posting! I was scared that you would stop and that it would all be over.

Having moments like that with parents or other suck folk that you are close with is very nice. I will cherish those moments for as long as I remember them. So how's life been going? Sounds pretty busy, you aren't overloading your plate are you?

Well... until your next post. :)

I really like your poems by the way. Oh, and do you have a Flickr account for your photography? I would love to see more of your work! if you don't (get ready for the plug) they are free and easy to get and easy to use. I hate adding more web things to my list of already too many, but Flickr is pretty easy, and it's clean. Ok, I'm done. (I'm hyper if you can't tell. Bye.)

ScribblinScribe said...

Aww. Thanks. I must say, you and Theresa, Amber and Jason certainly made me want to stay on. I have photobucket...I'll try to upload some more pictures for you soon...I was just editing down a few from our property today.

Overloading my plate...LOL Well, it seems it's about to get pretty quiet here. But I'm glad. I have some projects I need to do and I need to refocus as well.

Have a blessed day! Hyper is fun. ;)