I'm afraid my current style of posting from journal entries isn't working so well--I keep failing in the editing job and later finding little pieces of private information that don't belong online. I've been beginning to think that I may be indiscreet as well, sharing too much of my personal thoughts and feelings for my good or anyone else's. So I'm going to take a break from Blogger for a few days, reevaluate my current posting style and figure out what (if any) would be a better way to go about it, since I've proven that I can't be trusted to edit safely. My goal has been to glorify God by simply telling what He's doing, but I'm a weak unwise little girl, and my methods seem risky, at best. I apologize for any embarrassment or offense any of my failures may have caused. I hope I'll be back in May...or so.

In the meanwhile--if you're bored, check out some of the links I've added. They are much wiser men than I, and much more careful in what they say!

Blessings from Yahweh! May you seek His face today and always!


Theresa said...

Well, I like the links you posted, but I like hearing from you too. :)

That's okay, though--however you feel you can glorify God best.

I'll be here when you return in May...or so. :)

(ps--have you seen the movie "Sophie Scholl?" A little while ago, you had asked about more true stories... if you haven't already seen "S.S.", I would highly, highly recommend it. It's very inspiring.)

Jason Plett said...

Oh man that stinks. On the same note I do understand your angst regarding personal information. I am fairly serious about security, although I do use my own name on my blog, but I am probably nuts.

Anyway, thanks for your concern over my lack of a situation, I have remedied that now, and am in a very good place blog wise.

You may also consider changing your prefs on your blog to be invite only. All you have to do is list all of those that are allowed to view it, and blogger does the rest. That way only trusted friends can see it.

Anywho, here I go rambling again, I was reprimanded by another blogger not long ago for the same. Anyway talk to ya later scribbler, and don't be a stranger, I will be posting on a regular basis again.

Jason Plett said...

"in very good place blog wise" What does that mean? I meant EMPLOYMENT wise.

ScribblinScribe said...

Thanks Theresa! :) I decided just to shift to blogger blogging, instead of just journaling. I haven't seen the movie--I'll have to see if I can find it.

Jason--glad to hear you found a blog--I mean, job. ;) Thanks for the ideas! I'd like my friends who don't have blogger to be able to read it, tho, so I'll have to chew on that one.