Permeated By P

(Please Pardon me for not Posting.)

Politics—Because I made the effort to go vote in the local election only to find all the candidates I’d Painstakingly supported were unopposed.

Perturbing—Because having a fluffy, grey bunny scampering around the science class room while Presenting a PowerPoint on abstinence is certainly that. The follow-up Program we’d written (dubbed “Taking Control”) turned out splendidly We covered Photoshop, Pornography, eating disorders and Pop culture, through the Perspective of someone Planning to uphold a Pledge of Purity.

Period—Because we put one at the end of the Choices Presentations for this year.

Pictures—Because Amber took Plenty of me demonstrating work-out stations along the trail, and I took Plenty of her looking Perfectly beautiful. That was before we decided to Power-clean her apartment windows (which, I discovered, are great fun to climb in and out of).

Picnic—Because that’s the best way to describe the lunch Lauryn and I tried to shovel in our mouths without creating a disaster zone, while sitting at the front desk of her church. Our farewell Party before she departed for North Carolina for the rest of the summer.

Perusal—Because I’d no sooner been informed that Lauryn’s church library is open to the Public, than I’d dashed upstairs, applied for a card and Produced several excellent biographies to Peek at over the next couple of weeks.

Puritans—Because the first book in my stack turns out to be the “Life and Diary of David Brainerd” an early American missionary to the Indians. I've managed to hustle up enough time to make it through the Prologue. *Prolonged sigh*

Penkas—Because they have a very short cow that they left behind when they went on a very short vacation. She finds humans disgusting, dislikes being touched and runs freely up onto the back Porch at milking to time only to be relieved and munch on some grain. And guess who they asked to milk her? This very short girl.

Pandemonium—Because no weekend ever turns out quiet, it seems. One at a time, guests sought asylum (as in, insane) here for the weekend: Tim, Taylor, Bruce, Josh, Amber, Jessica, Tommy and Jordan. All shapes, sizes, Personalities and backgrounds with one thing in common: we're all being Perfected by the Power of Jesus' Spirit. A beautiful reminder of the unity in His body.

Pathetic—Because I could no longer resist the urge to try my hand at cracking Tim’s bull-whip. Devoid at last of most of the crowd, I managed to get out a Pop before successfully tying myself up.

Patient—Because Tim had to be while coaching me at last into something close to Proper form. The result was the Predecessor of a very Pathetic Pop.

Parched—Because my throat has been scratchy and my voice has made the switch to a much lower octave, courtesy of the dragon-cough I woke up with the morning after Lizzie was here. It must be sympathy, since she’d been battling hay fever.

Pearls—Because I am now the Proud Possessor of a Pizza-sized one—Pearl snare drum, that is. Apparently Josiah quizzed John about buying it from him. The next thing I knew, a hard black snare drum case and silver stand had appeared in my bedroom. So now I need to learn Paradiddles and all those other ensnaring Parts of drumming.

Pondering—Because I’ve been doing just that on a few topics, which I hope to sort out and Post soon.

Peals—Because it’s been storming for much of the Past few days. God’s Power is so magnificent!

Praise—Because Yahweh is worthy of it. Past, Present and future!


Amber Michelle said...

it was pretty amusing watching you climb in and out of those windows too... thanks again for helping us! Hope you feel better soon my love!

ScribblinScribe said...

You are so welcome! I think the ferocity of my coughing storm is beginning to subside.

Hope you're having a lovely day! I got your phone message last night. :)

Theresa Moss said...

Please let me know what you think of "The Life and Diary of David Brainerd"! I wanted to read it for awhile after reading a historical fiction book ("The Prospering" by Elizabeth George Speare) about Brainerd's work with the Indians. I'm curious to know what his journals are like. I think all I've heard is that they're hard to get through and depressing...?

ScribblinScribe said...

Will do...I'm barely into, but liking it so far. Taylor, one of the guys here this past weekend, has read it and said he thought it was really good. I'll see what I think when I'm done. :)

BTW, I listened to that message you recommended yesterday (finally had some time!) and enjoyed it! Now I'm trying to locate that movie he mentioned about Sophie Scholl. Have you seen it?

Theresa said...

Yes, I've seen Sophie Scholl. It's excellent. I think I may have mentioned it to you once a while back...yes, VERY good.