Surviving S with Style

Standing—Because we arrived late to graduation—both times—and had to crowd along the back wall while Dr. Brown droned on and on and hordes of cap and gown clad graduates filed across the platform to receive an empty diploma folder. After which we Struggled through the crowds to get outside where we Stood in the drooling rain and offered c-c-congratulations.

Sitting—Because the whole family, Zach included, Stuffed our bodies into my parent’s walk-in closet after receiving myriads of phone calls from those who love us and Lydia's Sensitive ears detected Sirens.

Storms—Because the reason for the cozy closet gathering was brewing overhead in a mass of dark “tornadic” activity, following the hail. It was almost a disappointment when we never even lost our electricity and Lydia drifted off to Sleep. Not everyone was So blessed, though, as the news the next morning Showed.

Splattering--Because I wondered about Mom adding water to thin down the moss green paint for her bathroom walls but didn't Say anything. Moss green Speckles do not greatly improve my appearance. However, the color was a huge improvement over Pepto Bismol pink.

Spelling—Because after giving Josiah a mile long list of “oo” words, I began making up my own to see how S”oo”n he’d protest.

Solitude—Because life Seems to have Slowed down a little, and certainly grown more quiet with most of the Tech Students vanished from campus. Some of them never to return. Jacinderella, Lin N, Taylor and Nathan have all moved on, Sadly for us. Even Nick Snagged a job in Kansas (my old Stomping grounds) and Zach is headed home.

Scissors--Because I finally Snip-Snipped my hairs--every Single one. Nothing Serious--Should be a full recovery.

Samuel—Because I’m Still lost in his life Story and musing over a few details—coming Soon, I hope.

Summer—Because it’s almost here and I have a project list a mile long.

Surprises—Because I’ve got my Summer planned out, I’m Sure to be in for Some.

—Because I need good ones for Summer Study. Any good biographies or godly living or Set-me-on-fire Sermons?


Theresa said...

One of my favorite recent sermons is by Mark Darling--"An Impact Player Is Filled with Faith and Courage." I thought it was a *really* good one.

If you ever do get the time, it's at this link: "" Click on "2007 Audio Teachings - WEST [click here]" and Mark Darling's is the 6th one down.

Sharon said...

I just wanted to say I love your blog and enjoyed this most recent post~Sharon Goemaere

ScribblinScribe said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Theresa! I'll have to check it out!

Sharon! Thank you so much for the encouragement. Your comments always brighten my day. :)

Sharon said...

Bless your heart!Sharon

breaths of the heart said...

Lovely post! A new find of mine that I am enjoying reading is "Waiting on God" by Andrew Murray- wonderful, encouraging and convicting!

ScribblinScribe said...

Thank you Breaths of the Heart for the suggestion...I've read a little of Andrew Murray (on prayer) so I'll have to see if I can find this book!