Thursday, April 3, 2008

“I tiped here! Oijtn; egldkjg ljgrgg lkgjeit lkrjtle eoitlekg lekrjyo kg”

Behold the mystic words I discovered in my journal after a quick bathroom break. So far, I’ve been unable to find an online translator that could interpret the meaning. I’m going to guess it’s Lydia language for “you should be more careful leaving your journal open.”

Six months ago today we unloaded the U-haul through the back patio doors. Why I make note of that, I’m not sure. Dates and times stand out starkly in my memory. Actually, most things stand out starkly in my memory. It’s part of my chemical make-up, I suppose. A quick check of my lovely electronic journal, began when we moved, revealed a word count of 125,000. In six months I’ve written my life up longer than most novels.

When Amber called tonight, she was bubbling over with excitement—good news on every count. She thanked me profusely for the notes on prayer from John 17, as well as the website for tracts and started pouring out a million other thanksgivings. A few minutes later Jacinderella called. “Did she tell you about Bible study last night?” she quizzed. “Uh…” I answered, unsure. Soon Jacinderella was spilling how encouraging Amber had been, offering valuable insights into others’ questions and even accidentally stealing Wes’ thunder. As those two had talked earlier, Jacinderella had reminded Amber, “You don’t have to live in defeat. The Lord is our redeemer and our Savior!”

Her words harkened back to the story of Deborah and Barak. A woman judge of Israel, as God had said, “When you forsake me, women and children will lead you.” In the dearth of real men, Deborah stepped forward. Even Barak, for whom she had a special message from Yahweh to save His people, shivered and begged her to accompany him. But Yahweh would not allow His people to live in defeat. In an epic battle, Yahweh routed Sisera and his huge army before Barak and won the victory. In the book of Judges I see God’s war on humanism. In the midst of a crumbling society, God raised up weak, frightened person after person to bring about His victories. I find myself raising Ebenezers along the pathway of my life. Tonight I’m looking back on six months of life in Arkansas, wondering what I’ve really accomplished, feeling like I spent the day spinning my wheels, running in circles, dragging my feet. Am I weak and frightened? Well, good. So much the more usable to bring about God’s glory. The story is not about what I’ve accomplished in six months. The story is about what Yahweh has done.

And He has done great things.

Lord, Thou leads not in retreat,
Thy trumpet never sounds defeat,
For Thou hast every battle won.
The serpent might, once, bruise Thy Son,

But Thou hast turned His steps instead
To tread upon the serpent’s head.
When Jesus Christ was crucified,
Satan’s power bled and died.


Jason Plett said...

Hey Scribbler, great post. Congrats on the word count. I have started more than my share of novels, only to loose faith in the story, sometimes before I finish my storyboard.
I wouldn't sweat petty accomplishments, I think your service to others, family, friends, etc is an accomplishment that is as important as carving Mount Rushmore, or circumnavigating the globe, but will never be as celebrated.
Please don't take my lack of blog posting consistency as a statement of your blog, I just have much less time now. I usually run out of time reading to post.
Your loyal reader, JP

Amber Michelle said...

i love you :-) Thanks for mentioning me in your blog. It is quite an honor m'dear :-)

Alicia said...

Wow, I've always started random stories, but to make it to that high of a word count is fantastic. Great job! *high fives*

ScribblinScribe said...

Thank you, Jason, for the encouragement and the faithful reading. :) I think I have at least a dozen novels begun...

Alicia, thanks for the high five. :D And...keep writing. ;)

And Amber...I'm thrilled to have you join me in blog land. :D You are more than welcome for the mention, although I never expected you to see it. :D