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Lydia has developed a habit, during Sunday lunch, of scrunching herself onto the very edge of her chair--the one closest to me--and scarfing her meal with as little conversation as possible. I can hardly blame her since the Sunday Bruce swallowed the last piece of delicious roll, right out of her fingers while she watched wide-eyed and flabbergasted. It wasn't because he was still hungry. There's always plenty more where hers came from, but somehow, having been on Lydia's plate increases the attractiveness.

"Why thank you, Lydia," Josh beamed as Lydia carefully set her slice of banana cake on the table. "What a great idea!" He made a quick stab with his fork, but Lydia whisked the dessert out of his reach and gave him a triumphant smile.

That's when Tommy snagged her plate from across the table.

Lydia heaved an exasperated sigh and crossed her arms over her long-suffering heart. Josh's reaction lacked her forbearance. "Lydia!" He exclaimed. "Lydia! Did you see that? He took our cake!"


Amber Michelle said...

Poor Lydia. What that child has to go through... and of course Josh and Bruce are no help at all!

Lauren said...

Wow! What a story! :-) I can just see it all taking place...and then Josh's line at the end...that is so like him! I laughed out loud. Sorry I'm not there to catch all of these fun happenings in person!