Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am exhibiting all the symptoms of genius--restlessness, overabundance of creativity, lack of focus, anti-social behavior, loss of appetite—without the results. “Come jam with me,” Josiah begged after hotwiring his drum-pad for the umpteenth time. “I’d love to,” I responded, “If only I could play something…amazing.” Instead I limped through several odd chord progressions and pounded out boring baselines until my wrists ached. Count your blessings, says the wise hymn, so today I’m thankful no one heard us.

Lydia has always been affectionate—physically, verbally, visually. Now she’s almost smothering. She catches up my hand after we pray at night and kisses is fervently. She clings to me constantly, wanting to cuddle. I have come so far since the time, a few years ago, when I could barely stand to be hugged, but I feel sometimes as if I’m drowning in the depth of her affection. Does love and patience really include being willing to be touched—all the time?

After missing out on our “date” Thursday, Amber’s request to come visit was more than welcome. I hauled my poor friend on a brisk walk, which she cheerfully insisted would help counteract the brownies she’d made.

Calculating the book of Numbers left me skimming along at high speeds, until my progress was arrested by the final tally of the sons of Israel—just the fighting men, disregarding the priestly tribe of Levi: 603, 550. From 70 persons who entered Egypt with Jacob. From one childless, old man, who believed the promise of God, that his descendants would be as great a multitude as the stars in heaven or the sand on the seashore. Four hundred and thirty years later, the child of promise had become a people several thousand strong. Thirty-five hundred years have passed since that time, and the children of Israel have continued to increase. Even more beautiful to me, the promise that all the nations of the earth would be blessed through Abraham—and his seed—has been fulfilled as well. Jesus, the Messiah, seed of Abraham, has come. In Him all the nations of the earth have been blessed, with Abraham the believer. In Him, Abraham’s offspring grew to include all those who believe God and His promises. In Him, Jew and gentile were made into one, and I can claim the godly heritage of my father Abraham. Left breathless for the moment, my mind flew to countless promises. Is He whom Sarah counted faithful to create in her Abraham’s heir, any less able to keep His promises to me?

Lord, Thy promise cannot fail,
Thy Word can and will prevail!
I see Thy faithfulness revealed
From faith to faith, in those Thou sealed.

Thou hast promised I shall be
At last, made to resemble Thee!
What Thou hast promised, Thou wilt do
Because the word Thou speaks is true!

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Jason Plett said...

I often feel "smothered" If I sit down on the couch in the evening it only takes a couple of minutes before I have two kids, two dogs, and lovely bride squeezing in. But, when I look at that crew I can't help but smile. I often remember times in the past that I was alone, and dreaming of having even a dog to keep me company, and now I have more than one man has a right too.