Friday, January, 4, 2008

Midafternoon and I returned from a walk and sat down to grade Josiah’s math, suddenly aware of an intense headache. As I tried to push it out of my mind and concentrate on checking over his problems, it slowly began to dawn on me that my head had hurt before I went for a walk. In fact, the longer I tried to remember when it had started, the farther back I could remember it simply being there. After reaching as far back as remembering an ache before Dathan arrived on Wednesday, I gave up.

With the extra effort of a few phone call reminders, we wound up with a neat little crowd for the evening. After some singing, Papa began to share the Biblical view of fellowship: who we should and shouldn’t fellowship with, and how we maintain fellowship--fellowship being defined as a sharing in Christ. It boils down to three basic rules:

*I fellowship with those in fellowship with Christ.
*I do not fellowship with those not in fellowship with Christ.
*To maintain fellowship, I will walk with Christ and imitate Him.

Undoubtedly the study has been inspired by the (at least temporary) separation between us and the S Family over “doctrinal” issues. As we searched the scripture, we could find no grounds for this being a division. If the others are feeling as I am, they are wondering who will be kind enough to pull this sword from their hearts. I might pretend to be wise. I might pretend to be possessed of understanding, but there are many things in this life, in this Christian walk, which I do not understand. One of the greatest being how it is possible for people who love the Lord and His word, to come to such differing persuasions about Him and His word. Secondly, how these differing persuasions can so hinder fellowship between those who live their lives with the same purpose. Honestly, I am tired of talking about the differences. Inwardly I cringe when the subject comes up and we take note of disagreements—why widen the gap? Suppose God does create people for the sole purpose of destruction? If He is God, and I know He is just and good, then whatever He does is just and good. It’s a truth He’s been hammering in to me lately with such force that to ignore it would be worse than ignoring a sledgehammer to my head. Do I need answers to the universe packaged up in neat little theological packages? I need only a few simple truths. God is God. He does what He pleases. Who am I to answer back? Will the faultfinder contend with God? Not I.

Lord, if Thou should show Thy plans
I’m vain to think I’d understand.
If I had counseled at time’s dawn
The end of time would there be drawn.

And man would not have passed the floor
To claim Thy perfect Son’s life blood.
I dare not press Thee to reply
Because Thou art my God, not I.

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