Friday, June 12, 2009

I forget just how spoiled I am. Until we have thunderous storms like today and find ourselves devoid of electricity. And then we have nothing to do. By the end of the day when Travis offered a generator even the luxury of lamplight seemed a privilege of rare proportions.

It's good to be reminded of all the "extra" things I enjoy without a second thought.

It's good to be reminded where I was without Christ, as I read Romans again today. I read Romans a lot and, in spite of having memorized it a couple of years ago (thanks to Tabitha's encouragement), I always discover how little I actually know. For the last couple of weeks I've been answering in my own mind the questions that others put to me and I hope to have written thoughts to share soon--for feedback. You know, it's not really fair to read my thoughts and not share your own. (Ahem, Jacinda...Hannah...Sarah...and others.) ;)

I need a shower. The generator, unfortunately, didn't suffice to get our well-pump running.

If you read this, tell me something amazing about the Lord.

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Sharon said...

One of the most amazing things about the Lord to me is His creativity!In providing for us,in the world He's created,in the vast and varied people in the world I see an amazing amount of creativity and I never cease to be astounded.Blessings~Sharon