The "I" Meme

I've never been tagged in a meme before...and it feels weird to say "I" so often...but, here goes! Thanks, Victoria for making me try something new. ;) And I tag Jason Plett, Amber D., Raising Arrows and Taffy.

I am: just a little scribe, scribbling about the King and the great things He does
I think: thoughts, mostly. Few of them profound.
I know: enough to stay out of trouble. But does it actually work?
I have: webbed toes.
I wish: I always knew the fitting thing to say or do.
I hate: entangling sins, cruel words and distorted truth.
I miss: playing Cowboys and Indians and turning cartwheels in a skirt before I was old enough to care.
I fear: bringing discredit on the name of Yahweh.
I feel: most at rest when I am most tired.
I hear: music in my mind that I lack the skill to express.
I smell: every candle I see.
I crave: to know and understand Yahweh’s heart and desires.
I search: the faces of those around me to see if I can catch a peep inside their souls.
I wonder: what is coming next? But I’m glad I don’t know…
I regret: the opportunities I’ve let slip to spread the Good News.
I love: bowing before Yahweh, discovering His Word for myself, the thrill that follows knowing I’ve chosen to obey Him, the laughter bubbling up from a heart filled with joy, the light spirit when my conscience is clear.
I ache: when I must watch someone else aching, unable to heal their wounds.
I am not: wise, mighty, beautiful, famous, ingenious or talented.
I believe: Jesus is the Son of God, the perfect sacrifice to atone for the sin of the world and believing I have life in His name.
I dance: rather clumsily.
I sing: faster when I’m working, louder in the shower, constantly when I’m delighted, horribly if you’re listening.
I cry: when I see a broken human turn away from the abundant grace of Yahweh and when I see a broken turn to the abundant grace of Yahweh.
I don't always: pay attention to important instructions I’m being given.
I fight: my emotions, my flesh and my self. Usually I lose.
I write: because I must collect my scattered thoughts and orchestrate them into some measure of order before I sleep.
I win: every battle I surrender to Yahweh.
I lose: focus in times of ease.
I never: drink soda pop, watch TV, give advice to polar bears or wrestle alligators not in my weight division.
I always: untie my tennis shoes before taking them off.
I confuse: myself when I contemplate romance.
I listen: the little sounds that make the raging hum of the world.
I can usually be found: only if I want to be found.
I am scared: I might wound someone else.
I need: to constantly refocus and rediscover that Jesus is all I need
I imagine: all the worst possible outcomes, so that I am delighted when none of them happen.
I am happy about: life…because it is mine abundantly!


breaths of the heart said...

What wonderful insights into your soul! Thank you for posting! You are very inspiring!

HIS daughter said...

I really love that survey!

Jason Plett said...

Great little game, I look forward to it. Thank you.

Jason Plett said...

Ahh one more thing. Did you photoshop that butterfly?

Jo said...

I was tagged with this as well and loved answering the questions. Actually I have even more fun reading others answers... yours are exceptionally beautiful.

Renee <3 said...

Thanks, Abigail, for finding my blog. I love your blog... I always read it :D
You are a captivating writer. You keep my attention perfectly, which is pretty amazing.
God Bless!
-Renee <3

ScribblinScribe said...

Hello all! So sorry I've not posted or responded...I'm on my way home from a trip back to Kansas! Jason, the butterfly is edited only to intensify colors and erase rough truly is sitting on my hand in front of my face. You see, I rescued it from the prison of a window it could only see through (inside) and when I tool it outside, it had fallen so entirely in love with me that it refused to leave! :) If there are no spiritual implications in that, I've certainly been imagining things. ;)

mm said...

well Scribe, long time no comment. I hope that u have been well. I have always been impressed by ur love for God. ever since the begining, u have shown such love and dedication. and I of course mean the real kind of love. ;) have a swell day!

ScribblinScribe said...

Well, hello mm. It HAS been a while. I'm doing very well...aside from running crazily these days. :) Hope you are well as well! (How many more wells can I pack in?) Blessings to you.

Renee <3 said...

We decided to go with a midwife and have a planned homebirth. So yeah... no hospital stay with the baby, we were at home the whole time.

I like your answer to the "I need:" one... I feel the same way.


Julia said...

Hi Abigail,

I love your blog! :) I found it through Pearls and Diamonds. Do you mind if I put a link to it on my blog?

Harmony said...

Love your blog! It's so beautiful. The posts I mean. They're very well written. Post more soon!

PS I have a blog too if you wanna see it. It's Thanks!

mm said...

So, Scribe... it has been too long since your last post. Please grace us with your grace and let us know how you have been.