In Which I Frost My Hair

Last night my world was coated by a sparkling white layer of snow...again. This morning I decided to trek out into the wilds to seek adventure. I soon found it on the frozen creek. As I strolled down the snowy creek, I heard a sudden CREAK. Creeks are not supposed to least not when I'm walking on them. I looked toward the shoreline in time to see a crack shooting along the edge of the creek. It widened and the ice dropped about two inches. With a rush, I realized that the ice was breaking up. I took off running down the creek, persued by loud groanings and crackings, and finally lept off the ice onto the bank. I turned around to see gaping holes in the ice each place I had stepped--where the ice had broken just after I left it. Exhiliarating as it was, I must confess that the creek was only a few inches deep.
Ah, the really exciting I brushed the hair away from my face, I realized that it was encased in white ice--truly frosted.


Anonymous said...

Gee, my hair is frosted, too! Not just today in the snow, but everyday....God did it. Glad to hear you survived your ice trekking. We took a snow walk ourselves today....see my pics!

Cindy said...

well, goodness, I didn't mean to be anonymous! It's the Sigmon Mom here!